GPLOGIX's focus on Social Consciousness through Technology

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The trucking industry touches us all through a connected network we call the “Logistics Ecosystem”.  No matter how urban or rural we may be, this ecosystem includes hospitals, grocery, food services, construction, and more industries that all rely on this network. 


Social Consciousness is an awareness of the issues that we all have in common. We believe technology can help drive companies to address their goals around key social issues like diversity and environmental awareness. 

We do not propose an agenda, rather we enable our customers a way to measure their impact on targets that they may have on Carbon Footprints, Emission Standards, Driver Safety, and we encourage Merit Based Employment.

Our company will highlight technologies that customers can utilize to address these needs and present examples of progress in these areas.  We believe, understanding what is possible enables realistic and addressable goals.  


  Environmental concerns are a current economic reality.  They effect everything from diesel prices to the actual trucks you purchase.


We are proud to partner with dynaCERT to allow for dramatically reduced emissions while improving fuel economy. 

We have seen first hand how our clients have seen a measured reduction in tCO2e while lowering their fuel costs.  Saving emissions and money at the same time.