We are all members of a Logistic Ecosystem

GPLogiX helps you visualize how it all comes together. 

Asset Tracking

From the port to the customer and ever mile in between.  Track your assets and personnel every step of the way.  Integrate with your partners and suppliers to visualize from port offload to last mile delivery.  GPLogiX shows you every step of the process

Safety First, Safety Enforced, Safety Measured

Seat belts, speed limits, hours of service, warning lights, aggressive acceleration, aggressive breaking, easy visualization of driver data allows you to understand predictive analytics to keep your drivers and your vehicles safe. 

Data Driven Decisions.  Implement Strategies for Measured Results .

Why use cruise control?  What if you had data to support it improves fuel efficiency by 4%?  What is the difference in driving at night through Dallas or routing around the city during the day?  How much fuel benefit comes from a winter fuel vs. summer fuel?  How much idle time do you have and what does it cost?  Let us show you these answers and how you measure against like companies.  Data that Drives Decisions means Strategies that Drive Results .


Let GPLogiX Show you the  Logistics EcoSystem in a Different Way

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